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September 30, 2006

Korean restaurant – Jeju in Singapore

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 Jeju is a Korean family run restaurant situated behind Raffles Hotel, Singapore. Don’t expect fancy Korean interior but superb and value added food. Go in a group for fun and noise is alright. After a day’s work, I am glad we found a homely place to unwind. Price $$ Food 4/5 Ambience 3/5



Royal Copenhagen Cafe

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I am a blue and white tableware fan. Royal Copenhagens’ is definitely in my dream list (if I strike enough lottery to build a showcase at home and buy its complete set). This cafe is inside Takashimaya (Singapore). Moon and I were window shopping after work and dinner, we had coffee and dessert. If you plan to visit Singapore with girlfriends or alone, put this place into your list.

Price $$$ Desserts 2/5 Ambience 4/5


September 26, 2006

Section 14 Ramadhan Food Bazaar

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Section 14 Ramadhan Food Bazaar location in Google Earth and landmarks leading to it.

Google Image Section 14    

Crowd at the food bazaar. Be there as early as possible. Some sold out by 5.30pm. Hong Leong Bank was also there to promote their loan packages.

Crowd at 5.30pm     Hong Leong bank staff at work

Kurma stall that sells my favourite type of kurma.

Section 14 Dates     Section 14 Dates

(L) Grilled seafood (C) Kerabu (R) Putu Piring

Section 14 Grilled Seafood     Section 14 Kerabu     Section 14 Putu Piring

(L) Pulut Udang (C) Rice Stall (R) Roti Jala

Section 14 Pulut Udang     Section 14 Rice Stall     Section 14 Roti Jala

Hope these info are helpful. Enjoy yourself there. For muslim friends, Selamat Berbuka Puasa.

September 24, 2006

What to offer to me on Ching Ming or Chinese All Souls Day

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Dunkin Donut23.Sept.06 We took the boys to Dunkin Donut at Mid Valley for breakfast. Cinnamon and double chocolate are the only ones I would eat. As for three of them anything except what I am having will do. As I was looking at my would be 2-year old and would-be 4 year old, I told my other half…

Me: If I died and you guys do not have time (or capability?) to prepare me a lavish banquet to offer me, just buy me these cinnamon and double chocolate…

Other half: Ok, ok… (busy eating)

Me: If you guys offer me chicken rice or McDonalds, I will come back to haunt you all. 🙂

McDonalds Few years ago my mom (a Taoist) asked me if my sister in law is a Christian since she have never seen her offer jossstick. I mocked her,”If she is a Christian, either you and dad will be hungry ghosts or eating McDonalds during Ching Ming…” 😛

Pizza HutMy beloved grandfather passed away few years ago. I am very tempted to offer KFC, Domino Pizza or Pizza Hut’s Pizza to him. He loves fast food so much, he used to treat us-his grandchildren Pizza Hut. He lived till 93.

September 22, 2006

Hello world!

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I live in a “lovely” neighbourhood in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Lovely if you can get use to the environment and people or else it may seems to be another “slum”. It took me 4 years to get used and appreciate. This is where my beloved other half grew up.

Why butanokakuni.wordpress.com?

My other half and I had a dish named Kakuni in an izakaya at Plaza Hartamas which was very delicious BUT the portion and the price is exorbitant. At that time, the portion is about 1″(W)x1″(L)x1″(H), cost RM7!! We like Kakuni very much and I am still trying to cook a Kakuni as good as the izakayas’.

Have a look what Kakuni is at Obachan’s sweet website http://kokonuggetyumyum.blogspot.com/2006/05/buta-no-kakuni.html

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