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September 26, 2006

Section 14 Ramadhan Food Bazaar

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Section 14 Ramadhan Food Bazaar location in Google Earth and landmarks leading to it.

Google Image Section 14    

Crowd at the food bazaar. Be there as early as possible. Some sold out by 5.30pm. Hong Leong Bank was also there to promote their loan packages.

Crowd at 5.30pm     Hong Leong bank staff at work

Kurma stall that sells my favourite type of kurma.

Section 14 Dates     Section 14 Dates

(L) Grilled seafood (C) Kerabu (R) Putu Piring

Section 14 Grilled Seafood     Section 14 Kerabu     Section 14 Putu Piring

(L) Pulut Udang (C) Rice Stall (R) Roti Jala

Section 14 Pulut Udang     Section 14 Rice Stall     Section 14 Roti Jala

Hope these info are helpful. Enjoy yourself there. For muslim friends, Selamat Berbuka Puasa.

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