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November 26, 2006

Beads, Paper Crane and Needle

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Rusty metal box
Used to store chocolates
Now filled up with colourful beads

White piece of paper
Folded neatly and precisely
That forms an elegant white crane

Leading the way
Followed by threads
To form a pair of mandarin ducks

These were Grandma gifts
Though she did not have much
My treasures

November 23, 2006

Ying Ge Lou at The Curve

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Food at Hakka restaurant – Ying Ge Lou set this establishment in its own direction, ethnic chinese food. Fluffy and hot brown rice. Omellete in chinese wine soup which almost knock me off. I am a lousy drinker. Good claypot dishes.
Price $$$ Food 3/5 Ambience 4/5


November 22, 2006


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I like to stay at the beginning of Orchard Road which is more accessible by all means of transport, especially to River Valley, Chinatown, Little India and City Hall. There is also a bus #36 to Changi airport.

Preferred accomodation
*Hotel Rendezvous 
4-star hotel. If you don’t like to walk to much, this is a nice location. Map
*Hangout Hotel
No Frills like Air Asia. Book online-it’s cheaper. Map
*YMCA Hostel 
Youth hostel. Map

Countdown to Christmas: Spring Clean Home

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My most feared and worried task. Spring clean once for Christmas, Will’s birthday and Chinese New Year. I am in dilemma what to do first ever since I had 2 kids. Before the kids, spring cleaning was therapy to chase away stress. I will try to list down what’s to be done first…..

November 18, 2006

Pumpkin & Dried Fig Rice Porridge

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Steamed pumpkin flesh mixed with rice porridge that is still cooking with dried fig. Add a dash of soy sauce. Kids favourite. Today’s thick porridge is cooked by my other half with these instructions. So easy and tasty vegetarian porridge. Forgot to snap photos. Next time…

Hainanese Rice Dumpling

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My next door neighbour-his wife is an excellent cook. Tonight she gave us 2 cute little – palm sized rice dumplings.. Hainanese style. I have never seen though I am a Hainanese. My husband and sons (including myself) were so in love with her rice dumpling… Let the pictures do the talking.


I want to give it a French name coz of its’ size. Hainanese little rice dumpling will be….

http://www.freetranslation.com/ result: la petite boulette de pâte de riz de Hainanese and retranslate to English as The small dough pellet of rice of Hainanese.

http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr result: Hainanese peu de boulette de riz and back to English as Hainanese little rice pellet.

Quite a mouthful in French… phew…

November 14, 2006

Penang 2 Days Makan Marathon

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Went to Penang by car from Kuala Lumpur for 2 days of work. I took all the oppurtunities available to eat, eat and eat. Especially had most of the Ais Kacang I craved. Visited one shop recommended by Flavours Magazine to shop for tableware. I am soooooooo happy. Like haven’t been ‘home’ for 2 years. I love you Penang!!!!

Lorong Selamat: Yummy Oyster Omelette

Lorong Selamat: Prawn Noodle

Lorong Selamat: Air Batu Campur with creamy ice cream and great beans.

Swatow Lane: Air Batu Campur

Lorong 100 Tahun: Curry Noodle

Lorong 100 Tahun: Local coffee is GOOD too...

Penang Chee Cheong Fun or Penang Steamed Rice Noodle

Kek Seng: Our first order - Durian Ice Cream

Kek Seng: Pie Tee or Top Hats

Kek Seng: Asam Laksa

Kek Seng: Penang Lor Bak and Air Batu Campur

Kek Seng: Air Batu Campur close up

November 5, 2006

Second Baking Attempt: Bake with Yen Ready Mixed Poppy Seed & Orange Mini Muffins

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I love the result but hates sweet taste and overwhelming orange flavour. I baked about 200 mini muffins in the smallest cupcake casing for my faithful baking fan.

Close up of orange poppy seed mini muffins.


My little fan

November 3, 2006

First Baking Attempt: Betty Crocker Blueberry Muffins

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I did not have enough ingredients to make souffle but there are some for this ready mixed muffin. Yucks… this is how my muffins looks like and they are all sticky. I’ll do some muffin research to find out why muffins are sticky. The blueberries are fantastic!!!

November 2, 2006

Book: Shanghai Sisters by Miranda Eu

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I have not been taking pictures of cooking lately. Busy reading books I bought over the months. I bought Shanghai Sisters out of curiousity – author’s name Miranda Eu. I guessed she is from the famous Eu Yan Sang chinese medical hall family. Yep she is, married into the Eu family. Don’t misunderstand that this book is about Eu but about the Miranda’s family. Miranda’s maiden family name is Loo. Her grandparents are Hardoon (the Grandpa-a Jewish) and Loo (the Grandma-a half Chinese) are rich and famous before WWII in Shanghai. This books reveals what money can do good and also damage a family. Good read if you are a Shanghai city fan.

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