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December 19, 2006

Nanxiang at The Curve

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Nanxiang Mantou Dian is a famous 1900 Shanghai steam dumpling which business is still brisk till this day at the original shop. I tried Nanxiang outlet at Bugis Junction which I’m afraid is disappointing and long queue.

Nanxiang best selling steam dumpling should be enjoy slowly while it is still steaming hot. Avoid lip or tongue burn by sipping a little at a time – the dumpling’s contained hot soup, thru the opening of on top.

Nanxiang at The Curve is pricey RM77+ for 2 persons, not much filling-more like snack portion. I like the stir fry rice cake though some may find it a little salty. The serving is quite small.

Price $$$ Food 2/5 Ambience 2/5

French Doughnuts at Aunty Yochana’s Blog

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Aunty Yochana made some fantastic French Doughnuts that melts my heart the first time I saw it. The yummy picture is at here.

December 17, 2006

MIL Homemade Chinese Buns

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It has been a while MIL’s buns sitting inside my fridge. So ‘sayang’ to gobble them up. MIL bun wrapping skills has improved. It used to be quite gross looking. I finally made up my mind to steam all and eat with my 3 boyfriends. Taste damn good with Aik Cheong’s ‘kopi O kosong’ on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

December 16, 2006

Sushi at Ikano Lower Ground

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Kanki Sushi have just opened opposite of the Nyonya kueh shop. Fresh and reasonably priced sushi, sashimi and bento which quality are equally good as any Japanese local & regular restaurants in Klang Valley. Soft and fluffy rice hand rolled with fresh ingredients.

Price $ Food 4/5 Ambience 2/5


December 4, 2006

Assorted Potato Salad

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For mental note, today I bought 2 medium purple potatoes, 1 large pink potato, 3 new potatoes and 1 local sweet potato. Cleaned and steamed all potatoes together till soft but not mushy. While they were still hot, peeled off the skin. Break all hot potatoes by hand into bite size. Put all onto a plate. Squeeze some japanese mayonaise and sprinkle generous amount of finely cut spring onion. Mix and enjoy.

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