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May 31, 2007

Lego Silicon Jelly Tray and Ice Tray

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IK members, these are the Lego stuffs that I bought. It has no indication of maximum temperature for the baking tray.


May 29, 2007

Chinese Brew List

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Six Flavoured Soup  六味汤
Chinese Barley Water 生熟薏米水
Chrysenthemun 菊花
Dried Fig with Chinese Red Dates
White Fungus, Chinese Almonds & Chinese Pear
Sweet Corn Brew

May 14, 2007

Kuching’s Must Try Unique Dishes

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Mee Kolo
Mee Kolo Kuching is just as healthy as Pansor Manuk. The locally produced springy and chewy noodle is fine and served generously in quantity. Watch out for soya sauce condiment that accompanies Mee Kolo. I tried a few version of Mee Kolo, some soya sauce is very hot.

Kuching’s Must Try Unique Dishes

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Rice Noodle in Tomato Gravy
Noodle or rice noodle in tomato gravy is simple and easy to digest in hot weather. Surprisingly this dish is not found in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. In Kuching, noodle or rice noodle in tomato gravy is a normal dish in any local café. This is an appetizing dish that suits all ages.


Chicken fever in Kuching

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I love chicken dishes in Kuching. Besides Pansoh Manuk, my favourites are also fluffy Nasi Beriyani with fried chicken at Bukhari, Jalan Satok. Chinese chicken rice at a chicken rice shop in front of Grand Continental Hotel.



May 12, 2007

Kuching International Kite Exhibition 2007

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Sarawak Kites Association (PEWASA)
Kuching International Kite Exhibition
Date: May 12 – 13 2007
Venue:Kuching Family Park in Jalan Sultan Tengah
Event: Wau Saok and Wau Ciptaan competitions
Contact: Bakeri Mohamad Ali at 08-244 6688, ext 132.
Closing date for entries: May 11, 2007

May 9, 2007

Kuching’s Pansoh Manuk

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I had Pansoh Manuk (bamboo chicken with fragrant rice) for lunch at hotel. I didn’t bring my camera, what a waste. Back to Pansoh Manuk. Healthy as it is high in protein and little fat as chicken cooked in adequate amount of water boiled together with  local fresh herbs. Side dishes such as Acar Sayur whets appetite and Milin stir fried with Belachan. Bario rice is served with Pansoh Manuk, is less starchy than Thai fragrant rice but twice the price. I managed to find few links on Pansoh Manuk.

Hilton Kuching

Fascinating Malaysia

Kokkieblanda (is this Dutch?)


I heard this in Kuching

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A local friend told me there are 2 types of popular edible fern (is it a type of fern?) here. Cheaper and bigger one is Pucuk Paku and the other twice expensive and finer is Milin (Mandarin: Mei Ling). Pucuk Paku is fibrous and obvious “greenish” after taste. Milin on the other hand is crispy, sweet and tender.



Kuching’s Images Part 1

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Aerial view, airport and river side view.

Satok weekend market
It was such an amazing experience at Satok weekend market. Sarawakians are very clean and neat Malaysians. Satok market is such a clean place to do marketing. It is a good example for open wet markets in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. I has a wonderful time savoring the visual feast of local produce. Take time to enjoy Satok pictures.







May 8, 2007

Lost But Not Completely

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I lost my voice but have not lost any internet connection to update this blog. I am so frustrated that I can’t talk at all. Not long ago I dreamt I lost my voice, struggled to force words out of my throat. Today it is a reality… I’m sad but glad my mind and fingers are still here to blog ;-).

True Friend Test

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5Xmom is put up True Friend Test. I finds her questions funny. Visit 5Xmom to try her True Friend Test to find out. I have created mine on the link below.

Create your own Friend Test here

May 5, 2007

Byebye KL, Hello Kuching.

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I’m packing my stuffs leaving for Kuching to rest for a week. I need to have a week of contemplating, day dreaming, read books, write nonsense and draw some silly ideas. Meanwhile I’ll get around Kuching to snoop. List of stuffs to look out for:

Beads and beadwork
Local books
Local textile

May 2, 2007

Chocolate: See’s Candy

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MalaysiaBest blogged on Theme Tuesday – Chocolate Desserts reminded me of See’s Candy which I had in Hong Kong. The luxurious and velvety melt on tongue experience is still fresh. I would reward myself again on a piece of See’s Candy after seeing success on my assignments.

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