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November 25, 2008

Dream Blue & White Jacket with Skirt

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Breathtaking outfit by contemporary artist Li Xiao Feng sold for US$85,000 in 2007.

November 20, 2008

Globes, Maps Madness and Pratten Proud Owner

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Globes and Maps Madness by Courtney of Under a Paper Moon. Stylish Ness loves Pratten purses.

Too Much of Good Stuff

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Had too many prunes in the office and have been sitting in the toilet for hours. How many prunes was that? About 20.

November 13, 2008

Contemplating French Omelette in Office Microwave

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Balance: 5 fresh eggs left in the office.

Experiment criterias for omelette:

Internal parameter: Smooth to Silky equivalent to 65%-80% doneness

Aesthetic value: Golden Yellow to 10% browning

Appeal factor to olfactory system: Egg / Additional FlavourCooking time for experiment: 2.5mins to 3 minsConnie suggested a hand torch used for creme brulee for browning
We may burn down the office.;-)

Inspirational reading: Elizabeth David’s An Omelette and A Glass of Wine

November 11, 2008

Tea Time Dessert in Office

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Thanks to Connie!!!

November 4, 2008

Penang Little India Addictive Snacks

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Traditional Indian Snacks, loves by Malaysians on any occasions.


Penang Weld Quay Chinese Dinner

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 Finally spotted near the bridge – Weld Quay Seafood Restaurant. Service and meals were at lighting speed. Order from the lady who has menu in her head, recommends cooking method and prepare ingredients to be cook.


All the ingredients are placed in front of her, feel free to ask her what the ingredients are.


Green juice  or “Ambula” with dried chinese plum, nutmeg juice with dried plum and appetizer – indian cracker with curry gravy to dip in.


Top left to right: Fried soft shell crab, Kangkung Sambal Belachan & Fried Yiu Cha Koay with veggie & fish paste

Bottom left to right: Boiled Shellfish, Bitter Gourd stir fried with Chinese Roast Pork Meat, (forgot what it was)

Penang Beef Noodle Lunch

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Beef noodle lunch in Penang, opposite fire station near Little India. 


Picnic Lunch in Office

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