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January 22, 2009

Happy Chinese New “Ox” Year

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mv2009.JPG   KLCC2009

Mid Valley in red mood while KLCC in lame setup…

dscf6904.JPG   dscf6908.JPG

Sliced and fried chips in peanut oil for longer shelf life.

dscf6901.JPG   X-Mini

Lots of mandarin oranges to select, mini ones are sweet and juicy this year.


A new “toy” for this holidays – an X-Mini Speaker (S$35), thanks to Moon,
tested and delivered home safely. Size? Diameter about 50mm. Cool, cute and compact. 🙂
Many thanks to Chubby Hubby good review.
Happy Chinese New Year to all.


January 20, 2009

Purple Cane CNY Menu for 2009

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Purple Cane Menu Small


This is not a paid review. Purple Cane CNY menu is suitable for a sumptuous gathering meal of 10 without the typical Chinese New Year menu over stuffed with meat, flour and sauces. Purple Cane Mid Valley Gardens has peaceful ambiance and  attentive service (from KC), maybe we had a tableful of lovely girls(except me-the auntie). Purple Cane Signature Yee Sang rivals any hotel Yee Sang. We had Star Fruit Soup, an interesting and refreshing start to later dishes, cleansing palate and aid better digestion before indulging rest of the dishes. Each set menu has been carefully coordinate with different tastes and ingredients functionality – wonderful start, middle and end.

Purple Cane Signature Yee Sang

January 3, 2009

Movie List

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