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February 26, 2009

你要聽一聽新種廣話嗎???‏ (The New Cantonese Dialect)

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Dialect lessons for my children…

Read in Cantonese…..


Example of translation:
Authentic Teochew Dishes …
Guest: “Waiter, can you recommend some dishes?”
Teochew waiter: “Rat platter, rat eggs, rat intestine, rat pig’s ear but there’s no rat goose”

tc2.PNG Cantonesetc5.PNG: Lou Shu   English: Rat
tc3.PNG Cantonesetc5.PNG: Lou Sui   English: Stew








February 20, 2009

Hot Chocolate

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Angelina Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate recipe examples and posts from…

Divina Cucina, Ilva from Lucullian Delights, Famous French Desserts, Seattle Bon Vivant, David Lebovitz, Gridskipper, Recipezaar, Paris Breakfasts, Dessert Comes First….

serve with home made simple crusty bread…. heavenly 🙂

Make Humour & Practicality from Science & Common Sense

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I have not been doing anything on E&E since my college days… was like 16 years ago….
With 2 boys, it’s time to pick up the solder, wire, diode, leds – start cracking their head and attention to have fun in making circuit. Links…
How to create a flexable single sided circuit board 
* World smallest welding machine
* Bristlebots
World Smallest SPot Welding MachineDIY Single Sided CircuitBristlebots

February 16, 2009

Valentine Fragrant Laksa Chilli Chicken Version 1.0 :-)

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On Valentine morning market walk about, bought 4 ripe tomatoes, chilli paste and finely chopped onion for one and a half free range chicken, laksa leaves(daun kesum), torch ginger flower (bunga kantan)… Leftover assam paste in the kitchen.

2-3 tbsps of oil to cook onion till fragrant, follow by quartered tomatoes untill soften – then add chilli paste according to taste and cook till chilli oil appears on the side of the pot. Add assam paste water according to degree of sour taste preferred. Add chicken to cook until the meat tenderness desired. Add finely cut laksa leaves and torch ginger flower.

My mother like laksa without sambal, coconut milk and the usual spices. She loves to serve this version of laksa gravy with steam or fried fish. I like it as it is less hassle than the full version of asam laksa, laksa lemak and kari laksa. I love the fragrance of laksa leaves and torch ginger flower. Next round I should garnish this dish with finely sliced torch ginger flower, red chilli and mint leaves. Mental note: Next time fry the chicken a little on the outside before cooking & remember to shoot photos. 🙁

February 13, 2009

Can I replace Clementine with KumQuat?

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Vegan Yum Yum baked and blogged about Candied Clementine Cake. Chinese New Year has just ended. I don’t think Mandarin Oranges would be as nice. I wonder Candied Clementines can be replaced by KumQuat as well.

February 10, 2009

Hostels in HoiAn, Vietnam

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Protected: MS Valentine

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February 4, 2009

林忆莲 “疯了”

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曲名:疯了 歌手:林忆莲 专辑:盛放忆莲

准许我进入你臂内 灵魂内
你别离开 别离开
若前来 请不要问其实这该不该
如狂风吹吧 像浪与海
如浮沙卷吧 别要分析
若让夜和我 为你痴到透了

知不知一开始 已发觉爱你不可止
我早已为你 为你疯了
我爱你 你可知多少
我早已为你 为你疯了

可否快进入 我震动灵魂内
我为谁生 为谁等 为谁来

知不知一开始 已发觉爱你不可止
我早已为你 为你疯了
而恋火把此心烧焦 我爱你 你可知多少
我早已为你 为你疯了

Kitchen T&T Experiment for 2009 ;-)

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Butter cake * Cucur Kodok/Cekodok * Homemade tofu * How to make tang yuen or tang yuan for Winter Solstice 冬至 * Tips on blue icing * Fluffy pancake * Pineapple Tarts * How to get roast chicken to cook thoroughly * JO Pasta

Big Boys Kitchen
Palm sugar Malay sponge cake

February 3, 2009

Lego Mold and Gummies

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