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September 16, 2009

Inspiring Quote

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January 3, 2009

Movie List

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December 23, 2008

Holiday Greetings

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Merry Christmas &

Happy New Year 2009!!!

November 20, 2008

Too Much of Good Stuff

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Had too many prunes in the office and have been sitting in the toilet for hours. How many prunes was that? About 20.

August 22, 2008

Recalling Cooked Dishes Recipes

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I have memory problem, recalling recipes I made up in my head and cooked before. Most of the dishes I attempted are from my imagination combined with recipes, blogs I read. I find it difficult to follow exact way as I do not have the same equipment nor weather condition nor ingredients nor personal taste. I made up one small part of the recipe and the rest from the what I can recall from reading or seen it done or tasted.

*Photo: Thick flat noodle with egg, bacon and bok choi.

Mel’s Corner Wan Ton Noodle

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Mental note for myself: The Mel’s Corner Section 17 Wan Ton Noodle stall has changed operator. Not going there anymore.

August 4, 2008

Kinderspril des Jahres

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Kinderspiel des Jahres is an annual award for children boardgames by a jury of German critics.  View annual list of award winners here.

July 3, 2008

Building My Dream Coffee Shop with Lego

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Do you see any thing unusual?

April 29, 2008

Borneo Marathon 2008

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Simontalks posted Borneo Marathon to be held in Kota Kinabalu in October 2008. I am thinking of the 10-km race which I think is manageable since it is in the city itself I can take my own sweet time to finish. 🙂

January 2, 2008

Home Project #1: In Law Moving In

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I have massive spring cleaning to do. 4 members of the family is moving into the house we are staying. This is good news to us that we have more people in the house of 6 bedrooms. Both of us have to give up some luxury of privacy. No more walking around naked or without undies. We will need to practise living like nun and monk with other people….

 Watch Persepolis, an animated movie about a child’s experience of freedom and struggle.

Back to Normal Life

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I admit I do not like holidays. Miserable.

We thought today is the first day of school. Woke the boys up early. Dressed the older in school uniform.

Sent them to the day care for breakfast and school transport pick up.


Today is not a school day, tomorrow is…

The older was grinning from ear to ear, must be thinking how silly his parents are

I am glad tomorrow is a school day.

I have a super tight deadline which 9th January 2008.

Wish me luck…

January 1, 2008

Hello 2008

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New Year has arrived

House is in  disarray

Looks like spring cleaning was done

Micro management is still not truly successful

December 28, 2007

2008 New Year Resolution

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  1. Sleep better
  2. Listen better
  3. Paint more
  4. Read more
  5. Write more
  6. Eat lesser
  7. Clean often
  8. Talk less
  9. Be discplined
  10. Love well

June 19, 2007


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Today’s result.

June 5, 2007

Reflection June 5, 2007

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Don’t ask what others can do for you.
Ask yourself what you can do for others.

May 8, 2007

Lost But Not Completely

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I lost my voice but have not lost any internet connection to update this blog. I am so frustrated that I can’t talk at all. Not long ago I dreamt I lost my voice, struggled to force words out of my throat. Today it is a reality… I’m sad but glad my mind and fingers are still here to blog ;-).

November 26, 2006

Beads, Paper Crane and Needle

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Rusty metal box
Used to store chocolates
Now filled up with colourful beads

White piece of paper
Folded neatly and precisely
That forms an elegant white crane

Leading the way
Followed by threads
To form a pair of mandarin ducks

These were Grandma gifts
Though she did not have much
My treasures

November 22, 2006

Countdown to Christmas: Spring Clean Home

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My most feared and worried task. Spring clean once for Christmas, Will’s birthday and Chinese New Year. I am in dilemma what to do first ever since I had 2 kids. Before the kids, spring cleaning was therapy to chase away stress. I will try to list down what’s to be done first…..

October 3, 2006

Memory… Stealing corns

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Fatty fatty bom bom

Curi curi jagung

Mata mata tangkap

Masuk dalam lokap

Source: NST 1-Oct-2006

September 24, 2006

What to offer to me on Ching Ming or Chinese All Souls Day

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Dunkin Donut23.Sept.06 We took the boys to Dunkin Donut at Mid Valley for breakfast. Cinnamon and double chocolate are the only ones I would eat. As for three of them anything except what I am having will do. As I was looking at my would be 2-year old and would-be 4 year old, I told my other half…

Me: If I died and you guys do not have time (or capability?) to prepare me a lavish banquet to offer me, just buy me these cinnamon and double chocolate…

Other half: Ok, ok… (busy eating)

Me: If you guys offer me chicken rice or McDonalds, I will come back to haunt you all. 🙂

McDonalds Few years ago my mom (a Taoist) asked me if my sister in law is a Christian since she have never seen her offer jossstick. I mocked her,”If she is a Christian, either you and dad will be hungry ghosts or eating McDonalds during Ching Ming…” 😛

Pizza HutMy beloved grandfather passed away few years ago. I am very tempted to offer KFC, Domino Pizza or Pizza Hut’s Pizza to him. He loves fast food so much, he used to treat us-his grandchildren Pizza Hut. He lived till 93.

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