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September 24, 2006

What to offer to me on Ching Ming or Chinese All Souls Day

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Dunkin Donut23.Sept.06 We took the boys to Dunkin Donut at Mid Valley for breakfast. Cinnamon and double chocolate are the only ones I would eat. As for three of them anything except what I am having will do. As I was looking at my would be 2-year old and would-be 4 year old, I told my other half…

Me: If I died and you guys do not have time (or capability?) to prepare me a lavish banquet to offer me, just buy me these cinnamon and double chocolate…

Other half: Ok, ok… (busy eating)

Me: If you guys offer me chicken rice or McDonalds, I will come back to haunt you all. 🙂

McDonalds Few years ago my mom (a Taoist) asked me if my sister in law is a Christian since she have never seen her offer jossstick. I mocked her,”If she is a Christian, either you and dad will be hungry ghosts or eating McDonalds during Ching Ming…” 😛

Pizza HutMy beloved grandfather passed away few years ago. I am very tempted to offer KFC, Domino Pizza or Pizza Hut’s Pizza to him. He loves fast food so much, he used to treat us-his grandchildren Pizza Hut. He lived till 93.

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