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October 10, 2006

Skudai day trip

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Arrived at Skudai at 8.30am. Looked like not much to eat. Fortunately found a coffeeshop with decent crowd. Only few stores operating. Walking around, inspecting what patrons have on their table – bowl, leftover, drinks, I decided to have laksa and my travel partner wanted to have chee cheong fun. It reminded me of primary school days. Soft tofu on the right, fresh flat rice noodle, bouncy fish balls, fish cake slices and beans sprout were nostalgic. Even the slightly spicy coconut soup tasted the same.

School canteen laksa noodle

My travel partner had his chee cheong fun or steamed flat rice with sweet bean sauce and toasted sesame seeds.

Price $$ Food 2/5 Ambience 1/5


On our way back to Klang Valley, the  haze was still around but tolerable for driving. Fortunately the weather was cool and good to sleep all the way home.


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