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October 14, 2006

Ginger Sauce with Wood Ear

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soaked woodear

I tried to recreate cold young wood ear fungus in ginger and green onion sauce that I had in Hong Kong. I found some wood ear fungus stock in my stock cupboard from my confinement period. These wood ear fungus kept well in dark and dry condition. The type which I had were quite mature.


Unfortunately I had frozen spring onion and garlic as emergency stock. Luckily the young ginger is fresh. I blended everything till the texture that I like. Smooth texture does not provide me the excitement of biting into the ingredients.

Cooked ginger

The mixture is slowly cooked in peanut oil til fragrant as I find sunflower oil is not as flavourful. I forgot to snap picture of the finished product as I was too engrossed in eating it. Anyway, I boiled the soaked woodear and mix with the ginger mixture. Sort of like chinese salad. I wished I had fresh ingredients for the sauce and better wood ear fungus. The original dish that I had in Hong Kong was superb in terms of flavour (for both sauce and wood ear), texture, chewy-ness and after taste. The sauce may sound oily but you may appreciate its role in making the rest of the ingredients mely in your mouth.

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