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October 15, 2006

Steamed fish & fish meal

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I have gone mad recently, over fishes. Both of my sons enjoy any style of cooked fish. My younger son Chris went even madder over them – dead or alive.

Cod Cod cooked

I bought all the fishes I had on this post from Jusco. I could not resist my temptation, ended up buying 2 kinds of fishes for dinner. On cod fish, I decided not to use any sauce – not even soya sauce, I used wolfberry or gei chee (regretted not putting more) as it is good at drawing the freshness of cod fish. Each bite of cod fish with wolfberry tastes sweet and melt on your tongue sensation.

Another fish Another fish-cooked

This second fish dish (forgot the fish name), as you can see, I had slices of ginger on top to steam and later added crispy pickled radishes as topping after steaming. The taste turned out to be so-so.

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