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November 18, 2006

Hainanese Rice Dumpling

Filed under: Eating Out — tanling @ 1:24 pm

My next door neighbour-his wife is an excellent cook. Tonight she gave us 2 cute little – palm sized rice dumplings.. Hainanese style. I have never seen though I am a Hainanese. My husband and sons (including myself) were so in love with her rice dumpling… Let the pictures do the talking.


I want to give it a French name coz of its’ size. Hainanese little rice dumpling will be….

http://www.freetranslation.com/ result: la petite boulette de pâte de riz de Hainanese and retranslate to English as The small dough pellet of rice of Hainanese.

http://babelfish.altavista.com/tr result: Hainanese peu de boulette de riz and back to English as Hainanese little rice pellet.

Quite a mouthful in French… phew…

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