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October 3, 2010

Steam Egg

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steam egg 1 steam egg 2

Almost mirror finish surface steam egg. I watched an aunt preparing it. I just followed her way, altered a little bit.
1. Boil water: Today i added a little chicken stock as yesterday’s was steamed bland for Christopher (was sick) to dissolve, hot water to egg ratio is 1:1
2. Cracked 4 eggs to mix gently of yolk and egg white, then strain away albumen for even colour smooth texture
3. Pour no.2 into the steaming bowl, add boiling water and mix gently
4. Place no.3 in a pan/wok of cool water with steaming rack
5. Turn on medium low gas/fire with cover open slightly – take care angle of cover doesn’t touch bowl as water may drip on egg mix.
6. Keep an eye every 3-4 minutes to tilt the steam water away from bowl back into the steaming pan/wok. Steam should rise gently, steam water bubbles should not break voraciously…
7. Keep fire/gas the same strength
8. Check done-ness by viewing from side angle, surface starts to look solidified, use a fine pick/skewer to pierce in the deepest part of the bowl: when liquid is clear, it’s done.
It should be done abt 15-20 minutes depending on the amount of egg to steam.

I tried sweet ginger steam egg with the same technique, added brown sugar and ginger juice into hot water. No bad but not smooth as Hong Kong Australia Dairy’s. I went there every morning while on holiday in Hong Kong recent July. I know I am crazy but it feels so good to have a bowl of hot ginger milk egg pudding, egg sandwiches and milk tea every morning. Just visit Lots of Cravings post to find out why, I have a feeling you will agree too. I didn’t photograph breakfast there, I would feel like a wagamama diner :}

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