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October 18, 2010

Day Off to Learn Rohani’s Mrs Tan’s Popiah at Bayan Indah ;)

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Lemon poppy seed cake for breakfast... very delicious.... :) The kitchen before class... Quiet and relaxing... Table set for the day :) Table flowers from garden.... Herbs and chilli from garden too... of course the vase of flowers and  plants from Bayan Indah garden too... Roselle.... Roselle flower.... we had cold Roselle refreshment from Bayan Indah garden :) Peaceful and cool Bayan Indah The Dominator of Bayan Indah Keep turning away from camera... Even closed its eyes.... :( Gotcha!!! Class starts soon.... Practising popiah skin making Cooking popiah filling 3 types of sauces.... very different from "West Coast" of Peninsular Popiah... Cooked filling  Lettuce.... Wrap.... Wrap.... Special Sauce... Yummy!!! Ready for serving... Taaa Daaaa Yummy Popiah ala Mrs Tan from Trengganu Sweet Potato Steam Cakes in Progress :)Sweet Potato Steam Cakes :)Makan Time!!!

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